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Dr. Eric Stanley has practiced dentistry for 10 years and is highly knowledgeable in all aspects from general, to cosmetic, to implant dentistry. Born and raised in New Mexico then moving to Portland, Oregon to complete dental school, Dr. Stanley made his way across the ocean ending up right here in Kahului, Maui. Dr. Stanley along with the rest of the Island Smiles Dental Care Team are excited to help you with any dental needs you may have. 
A Dramatic Improvement in Confidence
Hesitating and hiding your smile doesn't allow you to live the life you want and deserve. Your teeth can affect every aspect of your life and being proud of your smile is the best feeling in the world. No matter what dental disaster you think you have, we want you to know that we have seen it all and we are here to help you smile again. 
A Solution To Lose Your Dentures
When teeth are extracted, the bone left behind will thin out and continue to resorb over time. Dentures do nothing to stabilize the bone underneath. Instead of using removable appliances like dentures, the best option for replacing teeth is dental implants. They look and feel like real teeth and can last a lifetime without the worry of getting loose or breaking.
Latest Technology For the Best Result
We are proud to incorporate some of the most advanced technologies for our patients' safety and for careful personalized treatment planning. Combined with the computerized implant planning software and surgical guides, we are able to create custom dental implants and restorations with incredible precision. 
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